Hello and welcome to the Your Messages page.

During November 2007, over 100 writers from all over the world participated in this extraordinary project. Using original extracts from the literary collaboration, MESSAGES as a prompt, writers contributed stories, poems, memoirs, lists, etc etc etc of exactly 300 words and posted them here within 24 hours of the prompt appearing.

The results were astonishing. Not just in the quality of the comments - and read them, judge for yourself - but also in how the individual writers reported their process became freer. They surprised themselves - and us.

Now, we are in the process of publishing a book of our favourites from the many many wonderful pieces contributed but we wanted to leave the website as it stands, for you to browse, enjoy and, hopefully, get inspired by!

All proceeds from the project will be going to the charity, Kids Company, and we thank all those who took part for their generosity here too.

Lynne and Sarah


  1. I so enjoyed being able to listen to some of the great writers on the evening of the launch. i was moved to tears by the time i realised that i had been selected to be in a book with such totally inspiring writers.......thankyou Sarah and Lynne and (bluechrome?)for the wonderful opportunity you gave me, being selected was one of the most special events of my life. It was a joy simply to be part of the blog, to have even been asked to write on it in the first place.What's next?

  2. So tell me we're going to do this again. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ts almost November and I was certainly hoping we would...perhaps not to do a book but I so enjoyed the whole process last year and I was really hoping we would do it again.


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If you want to take part - great. All you need to do is add your response to our message here as a comment, but remember it has to be exactly 30 or 300 words, and it needs to be posted before 8am GMT the morning after the original post for each day. Please also remember to add your Name and Email Address to the end of your message, so that we can get in touch if your work is selected.