We're getting excited! Join us tomorrow - 1st November - for our first 30 word prompt. Remember that you can reply in either a 30 word piece, or a 300 word piece, or both! Lynne and Sarah take no responsibility for any resulting word-count addiction though...
See you tomorrow morning - we're looking forward to it. And just one more thing, we're very aware how generous you all are at putting your work up here to be enjoyed. However, we will not mind at all if you want to delete it at any stage and send it out for publication. If you credit us, we will be very grateful but we wish you well anyway and would really love to hear of any successes.


  1. Are men lurking sharks determined to tear us limb from limb? Are women dophins that produce the next generation of airless adolescents as crazy as our forgotten breath-holding selves?

    Joanna Whisker

  2. I'm a bit late again this year, On holiday and I've posted in Day one. I'm sorry its late.



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