Kids Company - our chosen charity

We are delighted to announce that we have picked The Kids Company as our charity to benefit from the Your Messages project. There's a little bit about them below, but please do visit their website on to find out more. Just one of the things they'll be doing this Christmas is giving over 800 kids a Christmas lunch they wouldn't otherwise get! We hope you will agree this is a good choice - we find what they are doing amazingly inspiring and, sadly, necessary.

Kids Company

Kids Company was founded by Camila Batmanghelidjh in 1996 to provide for children and young people experiencing significant psychosocial difficulties due to the absence of a functioning parent or carer, which can often have a very negative impact on their ability to access education, health, housing, and meaningful employment. It currently supports 11,925 clients.

The organisation has a multi-disciplinary team working at street level delivering a preventative and reparative therapeutic service to children.

95% of the children refer themselves or their peers to our services, which are delivered through three key channels: 33 schools across London, a drop in centre in South London and a post-16 educational site.
Kids Company aims to promote and support emotional well-being. It assumes that the healing process for these young people is only possible in the context of sustained relationships, and strives to provide each of its clients with practical and emotional help they need.
Kids Company has already made a huge difference to the lives of thousands of kids thanks to the support of all our friends and benefactors over the past eleven years. But there's more to be done and more kids who need their childhood back.


  1. It looks like a fine choice to me. I hope the project is tremendously successful and raises lots of cash for this good cause.

  2. Wonderful choice. Hopefully, the kids will have a nicer Christmas with your help.

  3. Sounds a wonderful project - hopefully the booklet will sell well and raise plenty for them :)

  4. That is a fine choice, well done and best of luck with sales.

  5. Brilliant! I heard Camila speak at a conference a few years ago and was very impressed.

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  7. Yes, a great charity who do SO much to support and respond to the many differing needs of the young people they work with!!
    Thank you for choosing them!


  8. Lynne and Sarah
    Another example of your generosity in choosing such a worthy cause for those children who are so in need.
    I have worked with children such as these and the saddest part was when they went to bed clutching a cuddly toy - they seemed so vulnerable with no-one close to hug or kiss them goodnight.

  9. What a lovely choice of charity. Hope the booklet raises lots of cash for them.

  10. What a fantastic purpose for the proceeds! Excellent choice and I hope we raise a lot for them!


  11. I look forward even more to buying the book now I know that profits will be going to such a good cause.

  12. Very pleased with the choice of a charity to help children. Hope lots of money's made! And bless you for your generosity.

  13. This is such an inspiring charity, i read the booklet they gave us on the evening of the launch, and guess surprise.... it made me cry, what an amazing enterprise,a fantastic choice, it made me double proud to be in the book.

  14. This is a great project, Keep up the good work.

  15. in my opinion, Kids Company is a great project and mission that is really touching ... Go ahead with this great idea .. god bless


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